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Coronavirus - Appointments and Prescriptions - Important Notice for all patients Posted on 18 Jan 2022

We need to triage all appointments to mitigate the risks associated with potentially infected patients attending the Practice. Please bear with our staff if they ask for a brief description of your symptoms.

Prescripton Requests.

The surgery is currently having high call volumes from patients asking:

  1. Have you received my prescription request?
  2. Is my prescription ready?

Whilst we fully understand your anxiety at this time the pure volume of calls is hampering us from processing the requests. The pharmacies are also having the same issues.

We are currently taking 2 working days to process your request but pharmacies are taking a further 4 days to have your medication ready for collection. Please put your request in about 1 week before you actually require the medication and try to refrain from calling the surgery or the pharmcay for an update. 

We at Rockeligh Court will try to contact you if we are unable to complete the prescription within 3 days. 

If at all possible your prescription request should be sent in online.  We are still excepting paper requests from the elderly or anyone who does not have the internet.

If you are not currently signed up for online services, we are currently allowing you to  call the surgery where a member of staff will ask you various questions for security reasons.  

Thank you for your continued support in these very difficult times.

Dr Mead,Toms, Khan and Sultan

Coronavirus England - Advice for Patients

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