Travel Vaccinations

If you are planning to travel abroad it may be necessary for you to have travel vaccinations.

Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hep A and Typhoid vaccinations can be given at the surgery by the Practice Nurse. However, there is currently a world shortage of Hep A which will continue into 2018.

All other travel vaccinations and Maleria tablets need to be obtained privately.

We strongly advise you to make an appointment with the Practice Nurse at least two months before travel, as sometimes a course of up to three vaccinations need to be given over the course of several weeks.

When booking an appointment please state where you are travelling to and departure date.

The initial appointment with the nurse will be to assess your travel requirements and give advice. We may be able to offer vaccinations at the appointment but complex itineraries will require a further appointment.

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Mount Avenue Travel Clinic: Tel No. 01277 200169

Nomad - Tel No. 01341 555061

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